Going beyond Regulatory Compliance with Effective
Risk Synchronization.

Driving end-to-end change capability and risk alignment to create
business value while meeting today's regulatory compliance demands.

The increasing volume and complexity of regulatory change require an anticipative view of risks — across compliance, change, and technology teams.

With more diversified regulatory environments that now include new and emerging topics related to cryptocurrencies and cyber security, the risk landscape is expanding, resulting not only in a higher demand for skilled compliance professionals, but also in an increasing reliance on modern and intelligent technology.

Unsurprisingly, there is a much greater focus on optimization, innovation, and intelligent automation, targeting greater efficiency and effectiveness to address the growing challenges as well as the increasing regulatory scrutiny.

This results in growing pressure on change and technology delivery teams, primarily in terms of optimization and innovation efforts, to account for the need for higher agility and faster change delivery and implementation, while optimizing costs and increasing compliance efficiency.

While a shift to a risk-based compliance approach is being deployed in many organizations to ensure optimization of available resources and investments, what is missing is to establish a healthy and active innovation and risk ecosystem across the entire value chain, to ensure that new changes get addressed and rolled out quickly, and compliance with regulations is maintained.

Synchronized and aligned efforts in terms of risk management, innovation capability, and functional maturity between technology teams, change management, and compliance functions can help improve the performance to implement required changes to meet regulatory requirements.

The whitepaper explores the current challenges in Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) programs and the emerging risks as a result of the changing regulatory landscape. It recommends a solution approach that leverages existing knowledge and capabilities for improved effectiveness of delivering change in compliance programs.

About the Author

Marcus Glowasz is a transformation strategist, change advisor and facilitator, helping leaders and teams to effectively plan and execute change and risk strategies by advancing and shifting their change delivery practices to a future-proof model that accounts for the increasing complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty in today’s rapidly changing business environments.

With almost three decades of international experience in technology-driven projects, working with numerous organizations from large corporates to small business practices around the globe, Marcus is well versed in project best practices and has developed an obsession and passion for the innovation and advancement of the project management practice. In addition, he has gained substantial experience in the domains of financial crime compliance, having delivered complex AML change initiatives and programs in large financial institutions.

As an independent business advisor and consultant, he frequently runs resilience and risk synchronization workshops, helping organizations to optimize and advance their practices toward a future-proof and evidence-driven change delivery model.

You can learn more about him and his services at: https://www.marcusglowasz.com


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